Android Multi Tools v1.02b All Pattern Lock Remover Free Download For Windows

By | August 6, 2017

Android multi tools have been released and with the release of this tool, it overtook all the other tools regarding Android phone services. Exploring all the features of Android multi tools would not be possible in this single post. So, we would like to try to make you familiarize with the best and most used features of this tool. I want to give you one example of the use of this tool like you forgot your pattern lock of your phone or PIN code, now you are thinking to install new software to use your android phone, this tool will solve you this problem, by removing your pattern lock in a while.

You can factory restore data or wipe all of your phone data by using this tool. This tool would be like one stop shop for the Android users. This is not like that, this tool will work or specific mobile phones or brand, this will work fine with every brand or mobile phone. Install Android multi tools on your computer, install all drivers and start using this magnificent tool. This tool has become most useful and rated tool in the android phone markets. Not only common users but the professional who belongs to repairing the Android and smartphones are using vividly this tool to conquer their every problem. Before installation check the version of this tool because the previous version of the tool got some bugs and error reports and the new version is bugs free.

How to download and install Android multi tools

Downloading and installation of this tool are not a rocket science, it would be simple, one click installation. Download the tool from our website, enable USB debugging on your phone if it is already enabled skip the step. Install the setup on your computer. After the installation, launch the tool and connect your phone to the tool. You will see a pop up in your computer, screen and some running of the software, allow these processes.

After that you will see, all the detailed information regarding your connected phone, the model of the phone, the software info of your device, hardware info, IMEI number of the phone and more than that. Click on any tab which you like to click and know the info of the described tab.

Reset your Gmail account after many repeated tries manually, it has blocked, now here will be able to recover with this tool. Flash your phone in a single click, update the firmware of your phone, update the drivers for your phone, and Change the IMEI number of the phone.

Before flashing of the phone, always make sure, to make a backup of your phone, because if there would be some error all the saved data of your phone will be removed or wipe off. This tool will give you an option to flash your phone and backing up your data to save. This tool should be in your bucket of the tool. As this tool got no special manufacturing for specific mobile phone brand, you need to do your entire task of all brands and phone with this tool. Last and the least, this tool also got no compatibility issue with any version of the Windows.

We already have given a download link at the end of this post. You can tap on the download button to get the file, if the download button is not working or expired, comment down in comment section area.