Download Oppo Flash Tool (2021) Latest Version for all Smartphones

If you got an Oppo Android phone and facing an unknown and unexpected problem, do not worry, you need to fix the issue. We would like to lead you in solving your Oppo Android phone problems. First, see there should be no physical problem with your phone, if you have confirmed no physical problem, and there is a software or firmware problem, like mobile phone automatically start restart, show low memory option, do not capture an image and problems like that, then you should update or install new firmware files, by using Oppo flash tool.

If you have installed Oppo flash tool and still counting with such problems, may be, you would have installed the old firmware files, so, download the latest firmware files and install by using Oppo flash tool. Though there are dozens very known flash tools are available, which got the huge reputation and people are using, but in my opinion, the official tools got more worth and weight in this process. You need to install the official firmware files, and this tool would help you in this. Always try to install the official firmware files; otherwise, you might stick with a large problem.

We already have given a download link at the end of this post; you probably would not have seen the download link. Scrolls down a little and tap the download button to get the official Oppo flash tool.

Oppo flash tool does not have any compatibility issue with any version of operating system; you can install this tool on Mac and Windows operating systems. So, first unzip the folder on the desktop, then select the setup files there and double click on setup files. It will start running; allow the installation of the tool.

Within some moments you will see the Oppo flash tool has been installed on your computer. Now, gather all the equipment to install firmware on your phone. Charge your battery at least 40%, arrange one data cable, and connect your phone to that pc in which you have already installed the Oppo flash tool.

One more thing, before installing and flashing of the phone, you should remember to make a backup of your phone, you can use any known tool to make a backup of your phone. This Oppo flash tool could help you in this regard, tap the backup button on the opened windows, and it will start creating a copy of the backup. If you are willing to use any other tool to create a backup, you can use.

Now, tap the flash button, it will pop up to ask the confirmation regarding installing new firmware files. Allow, permission button, it will start and restart several times, you should hang on there and within ten minutes, you mobile will be flashed with the latest Oppo firmware files.

If you face any error while installing the firmware or your device, Oppo mobile phone is unrecognizable over Windows or Computer, you should restart the system and enable USB debugging on your phone and then repeat the whole process again.

Tap the download button down, and download the Oppo flash tool to install the latest firmware files on your device. If the link is not working or showing download error or file error, you should comment down in the comment section.

Download Oppo Flash Tool