How To Use (SP) Smart Phone Flash Tool To Flash Custom & Stock ROMs

SP flash tool or Smartphone flash tool is one of the biggest flashing tools for MTK based devices. But, you would be wondering we know what this SP flash tool is, but the use of this flash tool is nowhere elaborated. So, seeing this problem, we decided to provide you a detailed guide about, how to use the smartphone flash tool for flashing of your device, so, stick in here, do not rush around, and read the full post, to get complete knowledge of flashing.

What is the flashing of the phone?

The flashing of the phone is somehow not understood completely by the users. And most of the users comments about it, what is flashing the phone with custom and stock ROM. ROM in a mobile phone is the place where your OS files are available. So, flashing means, installing a new updated OS overwriting or removing the previous OS. When it comes to flashing with Custom ROM, its means, installing the updated version of the same Android OS. When it comes to flashing with custom ROM, it means flashing the phone with a new OS, which is not the default OS, when you purchased the phone. I think you have gotten the idea about flashing the phone. Now, we need to move towards the next step, why one would like to flash the phone.

Why one needs to flash a phone?

Yes, that is the core question, when the flashing of the phone is known as one of the difficult tasks, there is a danger of bricking off the phone, plus your software warranty is canceled when you flash your phone with custom ROM. Why would you like to flash the phone, when there is a risk of that level involved?

Sometimes, we want to install the updated version of the same OS, it leads us to gain the new features of the OS, with good performance than the previous version. So, we try to flash the phone with Stock ROM.

Stock ROM flashing involves when you try to experience a new world, OS, developed by the third-party fascinate you, and you want to explore that operating system. Or, you have seen some friends install a different OS, and you are in love with that OS, so, you try to install your phone to flash with custom ROM.

A third purpose, the most common reason of flashing a phone is when your phone found some malfunction files, and you think, it will corrupt your entire hard, you try to remove the entire OS, and install a new operating system. Or, your phone not working fine, slowing down and showing some unknown errors, you do not find any other way and try to flash the phone.

How to flash a phone using SP flash tool?

SP flash tool is one of the most known and used flashing tools, which has gained popularity in flashing the MediaTek devices. You should use this flash tool for custom and stock ROM flashing of the phone. The detailed procedure of flashing the phone is going to elaborate in the next lines.

  • First, you should download and install the MediaTek Vcom USB driver; these are the driver which will help you in connecting the MediaTek devices to your computer.
  • Then download SP flash tool, the application tool which will help you in flashing of the phone.
  • Now, gather a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer, in which you already have installed the SP flash tool and MediaTek Vcom drivers.
  • Now, download the scatter files, the files which are going to flashed, mean installed on your phone
  • Now, open the SP flash tool and load the scatter files, and uncheck all the boxes there
  • From the recovery box, tap the load recovery image
  • Check the recovery box button
  • Switch off your phone once
  • Then restart by pressing and hold volume down key, and power button with connecting this phone with SP flash tool.
  • Now, your phone will go to the download mode, and the downloading of the files will start, the reading can be seen there.
  • After some moments, you will see the reading of your New installed OS
  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed a new OS on your device.

Smartphone Flash Tool Full Video Tutorial

So, by going through this process, you can flash your phone with custom and stock ROM.

Download this SP flash tool from the download button below. We already have given a link to download this too, if the link is not working or showing some errors, you can comment down in the section.