Miracle Box advanced tool specially developed for the android smart phones which is also called Miracle android tool box. This tool is being used by certified smart phone technicians to fix all android firmware problems. Miracle box enables you to deal with the android firmware problems, like if your android smart cell not working smoothly, camera not working or flashing back light, apps creating errors, android hanging and shutting down automatically then you needs to update android firmware.

Miracle Box is mostly used for unlocking a android phone. Android phones have securities which are pattern lock, PIN code, face recognition lock, fingerprint lock, E-mail lock, face lock and voice lock. This advanced android tool will reveal the pattern lock and can break all other securities locks in no time.

Features of Miracle Box Advanced Android Tool:

  • Easy to use for flashing android phones
  • Compatible with all windows
  • All android versions can connected
  • Reveal pattern lock
  • Break PIN code
  • Remove face lock
  • Remove voice lock
  • Remove fingerprint lock
  • Remove Gmail or Google accounts

How to use Miracle Box Advanced Android Tool:

After installing Miracle box there will be its icon on your desktop you just need to open it. There will be different options in miracle box tool; you just have to pick one tool that you want to perform.

You will see these options in upper tab of Miracle Box:

  1. Utilities
  2. Backup tool
  3. Root tool
  4. Flasher
  5. Fastboot tools
  6. Key tools
  7. Read info
  8. Setting

After connecting android phone, open the Miracle box tool and click on “Read Info” it will be blue button, after clicking on this miracle tool will provide all the information about the android phone and there will be other options.

Download Miracle Box Advanced Android Tool

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