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Download Riff box jtag manager {create you own repair packages} software latest version V1.60 full setup installer for windows 7, 8, Xp, Vista [32 bit/64 bit}. If you want to download and install Riff box jtag software windows version with USB driver full setup, Then you are coming at the right place. Riff box jtag manager software and its USB driver official download link is given at the bottom of this page. Follow the given link to download you needed software right now. It is free to download and very simple to use. 
Riff Box Jtag Manager Software Latest Features:
  • Repair packs functionality
  • Advanced Riff box customers are able to create own modules for local use only.
  • Updates list is re-organized.
  • Updates by name and by date.
  • Many more……..
Riff BOX: List of NEW Updates.
  • Andromax U R-W.riffpkg
  • Asus_Nexus_7.riffpkg
  • Brava Vega3.riffpkg
  • Casio GZone CA201L.riffpkg
  • Highscreen_Spark.riffpkg
  • HTC 8S Total Repair (PM5910001).riffpkg
  • HTC Amaze Both MID Safe Repair.riffpkg
  • HTC Desire 300 G3U.riffpkg
  • HTC Merge.riffpkg
  • HTC One M7 U PN07120.riffpkg
  • HTC One Max 0P3P70000.riffpkg
  • HTC One Max.riffpkg
  • HTC_Desire_606w_PO49100.riffpkg
  • HTC_Desire_U_T327w.riffpkg
  • HTC_Desire_X_Dual.riffpkg
  • HTC_OneM7_PN0731000.riffpkg
  • HTC_OneMini_PO5810000.riffpkg
  • HTC_OneMini_PO58220000.riffpkg
  • HTC_OneSV_PL8011000.riffpkg
  • HTC_One_S_PJ40110_VLE.riffpkg
  • HTC_One_XL_Evita_UTL.riffpkg
  • HTC_Rezound_Total_Repair.riffpkg
  • HTC_Sensation_XE_Both_ID.riffpkg
  • Huawei_Y300_151.riffpkg
  • I9192UBUBMK4.riffpkg
  • LG SU640.riffpkg
  • LT30A H.riffpkg
  • Lumia_525.riffpkg
  • Micromax_A111.riffpkg
  • Motorola MB886.riffpkg
  • Nokia_XL_RM-1030_Beta_Test.riffpkg
  • Nokia_X_RM_980.riffpkg
  • Nokia_X_RM_980_V2.riffpkg
  • Novatel_4620L.riffpkg
  • Novatel_U727_Modem.riffpkg
  • OPPO X907 Finder.riffpkg
  • P3100_16GB_XLoader+.riffpkg
  • Pantech_UM185C.riffpkg
  • Prestigio_PAP5300.riffpkg
  • Qualcomm MSM8625.riffpkg
  • S6310 Total Repair.riffpkg
  • S7562_Total_Repair.riffpkg
  • Samsung B229.riffpkg
  • Samsung i747 EFS.riffpkg
  • Samsung S5283.riffpkg
  • Samsung S6310 Total Repair.riffpkg
  • Samsung S6310N Total Repair.riffpkg
  • Samsung S6312 Total Repair.riffpkg
  • Samsung_GT-I9190_V4.2.2.riffpkg
  • Samsung_GT-I9200_V4.4.2.riffpkg
  • Samsung_i527_442.riffpkg
  • Samsung_i705.riffpkg
  • Samsung_i747_4.4.2_NE6.riffpkg
  • Samsung_R970.riffpkg
  • Samsung_R970C.riffpkg
  • Samsung_S5310.riffpkg
  • Samsung_S5310B.riffpkg
  • Samsung_t999v_EFS_repair.riffpkg
  • SE LT30A.riffpkg
  • Sony_LT28i_Ion_Test.riffpkg
  • XPERIA Z C6602.riffpkg
  • Xperia_Z_LTE_C6603.riffpkg
  • XPERIA_Z_Repair_Null_BaseBand.riffpkg

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